Harbour Custom Works

CNC Routering Services


Providing Professional CNC Routering Services for wood, plastics and aluminum on the Sunshine Coast.

Do you have an idea or drawings?

We can cut any design and material that comes in sheets, from MDF to timber, plexiglass, foamed PVC, aluminum  and more. Contact us for your free quote today.


  • Signs
  • Custom Doors
  • 3D Relief Carving
  • Wall Art
  • Textured panels. 
  • Wood Milling.
  • Slab Surfacing
  • Wood Fretwork and Wood grills.
  • Wood Sign letters, Wood stencils and 3D Wood Carving.
  • Routed Patterns.
  • Decorative Privacy Screens
  • Cabinets
  • Parametric furniture

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Harbour Custom Works

13364 Sunview Road, Madeira Park, British Columbia, Canada

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